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Big Sale Tricks

SUCH a great sale, BUY THIS even though you don't need it or want it!

Those SUPER DEALS, LOSS LEADERS and special sale items that are such great bargains may not be what you think they are.

My most precious purchases have turned out to be items purchased at regular retail. I have wasted a small fortune making buying choices based on sale pricing rather than just getting what I truly wanted in the first place. presented a great article that revealed sneaky retailer tactics to get you in the door while providing less than you expect. Here’s a summary of their top 6 along with some of mine.

1. MSRPs Cannot Be Trusted
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing” may mean very little other than to make a sale price much more attractive than it really is. Solution: Make sure that bargain price is genuine, and that the MSRP is factual.

2. Credit Card Deals May Hurt Your Credit
Signing up for that store shopping card for some nice discounts may seem like a great deal, but instead, it may lower your whole credit score. Yes, getting another credit card could raise your interest rates for big purchases in the future. Solution: Ask yourself whether signing up for that credit card is worth having a lower credit rating.

3. That Super Product May Be A Cheap “Derivative” Model
That super product may actually be a cheaper, lower quality version of the original. Subpar products that resemble a more expensive model are known in the industry as “derivative products.” They are “derived” from the original. Make sure you get exactly what you are expecting – first rate, first quality items. Solution: Check the model number to make sure its the item you really want.

4. Beware Those Mail-In Rebates
Savvy retailers know that you will never send in that mail-in rebate. For one thing, they may require a number of difficult, tedious or complicated steps to fulfill. For another thing, they may simply claim you never followed the proper procedure and then, deny your rebate. The best mail-in rebates are those that allow you to redeem them quickly and easily online. Solution: Check those rebates. Can you do them online? Ask yourself if you will devote the time to follow through.

5. That Sale Price May Not Actually Be a Sale Price At All
That sale item may not be a sale item at all, but rather simply labeled “on sale.” You may very well be able to buy that item cheaper somewhere else. Solution: Shop around carefully. Check online pricing.

6. Credit Card Warrantees
Purchasing with your credit card can provide you with an extra warranty. Many credit card companies (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discovercard) may offer a shopper’s guarantee. ATM payments (Bank card cash transfer purchases) are not considered credit card purchases. Some credit card companies may include a 60 day, low price guarantee. Solution: Check with your credit card company to see if they offer special warrantees.

7. Unused, Unappreciated Gift Cards
You might want to think twice about buying those easy and convenient little gift cards. Why? A huge proportion of them are lost, discarded, ignored, unused, and often unappreciated. Instead of being grateful, recipients may subliminally see them as more a nuisance than a gift. Why spend your money on something that may likely be thrown down the drain? Solution: Send cash or checks. Your gift will be appreciated, and the receiver will be able to spend where they like.

8. Beware of Impulse Triggers
Retailers have long understood the science of creating cravings and yearnings within the deepest recesses of the shopper’s innermost desires. How can you avoid being enared by these triggers? Solution: Ask yourself what your really want and need. After you decide, shop for price. Avoid making buying choices based on sales and promotions. More money is wasted trying to save money than simply spent on what people really want.

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