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Power, Prestige, Privilege – How To Get Rich In Congress

“Easy Riches In Congress”

60 Minutes Video – How To Get Rich In Congress

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It turns out that members of Congress are generating huge personal fortunes using non-public, insider trade information that only legislators have access to. In other words, members of Congress, their cronies and cohorts are exempt from the insider trading rules that govern ordinary citizens.

Throw Them All Out..

Throw Them All Out is a book that reveals how politicians and their friends get rich off insider stock tips, land deals, and cronyism that would send the rest of us to prison.”
~ Peter Schweizer, William J. Casey Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Author

THROW THEM ALL OUT By Peter Schweizer

THROW THEM ALL OUT By Peter Schweizer

Peter Schweizer’s new book is a stunning exposé about how the laws that apply to ordinary citizens do not apply to members of Congress, thus allowing Congress members to reap huge financial reward off non-public government information.

In others words, what is illegal for the ordinary man and woman to do, is NOT illegal for Representatives to do.

Members of Congress were buyinhg and selling stocks as they were passing or failing legislation that would impact their investments.

The proof is meticulously detailed in Peter Schweizer’s hard hitting revelations.

Want to get rich quick?

1. Get elected to Congress
2. Take full advantage of insider information
3. Get assigned to the choicest committees
4. Invest according to insider trading information privy only to Congressional members

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Due to Inner Corruption and Betrayal

Personal Thoughts
There’s an inherent unfairness in this rarefied and privileged method of acquiring riches by taking unfair advantage of legislative information unavailable to the general public. It creates an aristocratic super class.

It is particularly unjust for those who have been imprisoned for committing the very same deeds that their legislators committed with impunity.

For a government to succeed, there must be integrity, trust and commonality of spirit and cooperation between governance and the governed. Without these, governments become plutocracies and inevitably fail, bringing the populace to destruction, with them.

Greed and avarice are beautiful, but bitter mistresses.

For more information:

One of the biggest scandals in American politics is waiting to explode

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'Throw Them All Out' by Peter Schweizer At

"…the full story of the inside game in Washington shows how the permanent political class enriches itself at the expense of the rest of us. Insider trading is illegal on Wall Street, yet it is routine among members of Congress. Normal individuals cannot get in on IPOs at the asking price, but politicians do so routinely. The Obama administration has been able to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to its supporters, ensuring yet more campaign donations. An entire class of investors now makes all of its profits based on influence and access in Washington. Peter Schweizer has doggedly researched through mountains of financial records, tracking complicated deals and stock trades back to the timing of briefings, votes on bills, and every other point of leverage for politicians in Washington. The result is a manifesto for revolution: the Permanent Political Class must go."  


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