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Surviving the Bioterrorism Perils – Surviving the Future

Surviving the Bioterrorism Perils - Surviving the Future

Surviving the Bioterrorism Perils - Surviving the Future

Today, Hillary Clinton warns of bioterrorism…

This is an important story. Why? Because it emphasizes a particularly catastrophic danger that we are all facing in our future. Our leaders are well aware of the danger that bioterrorism poses. Why else their extreme concern and the construction of large subterranean bunkers and complexes around the globe?

Bio-warfare is one of the most insidious of dangers; it is extremely difficult to control and prevent. However, most pathogens at this time are not as virulent as, say, the Spanish flu. But, if bio-terrorists have their way, ever increasingly infectious and deadly pathogens will be added to their arsenal.

How do we deal with such situations?

Moving to a safe location may not necessarily be the answer. Pathogens can spread around the globe like wildfire, carried by the wind to the most remote regions of the world.

Our best bet is to prepare wisely, to put aside fear and rather focus on building relationships with neighbors, fostering self-health and self-sufficiency, living moderately, always developing character, strength of spirit, and loving attitudes towards others and oneself.

The healthier the mind, body, spirit, the more likely one is to survive a pandemic or catastrophe. Keeping stress levels down and one’s mind at peace as much as possible is a powerful defense.

Also, reconsiderating the support of politicians who base decisions upon fear and violent protectionism is crucial. Warring and defensive postures may have temporarily worked in the past; it will most likely not work in the future. A world of dominant rich and powerful versus a sub-class of the poor and indigent will breed disease and complete societal degradation to the point of self-annihilation.

Societies fall with such imbalance.

It is also important to vote out Congressional members who commit insider trading and other deeds of unfair, excessive self-enrichment. The character of our leaders determines our success as a society.

As for global unrest, it is important to develop positive relationships with other nations around the globe rather than raid their natural resources and exploit their cheap labor, establishing puppet governments that serve corporate profits rather than their own peoples.

As we face a future of uncertainty, developing “care-acter” is IMPERATIVE. Loving one’s neighbor (this includes whole countries and all those we interract with) is perhaps the only saving grace that we have.

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