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You Won’t Believe What It Costs To Wait For the Repair Guy

Waiting... How much does it cost to wait for the repair guy?

Waiting... How much does it cost to wait for the repair guy?

An interesting little factoid…

How much does it actually cost in dollars to wait for the cable, phone, Internet, delivery or utility guy?

A new “Cost of Living” study has revealed that it costs a whopping $37.7 billion per year in wasted time and productivity; a huge figure that averages to about 2 full days a year on an average of $125 per day.  For some, the cost is much higher, others lower.

The average wait time was 4.3 hours, double what consumers expected.


~  Share the information with your service provider so they are encouraged to shorten the window of wait time.

~  Use the time to engage in much needed chores or work – laundry, accounting, exercise, organization, cleaning, study, gardening. Or, take the time for a “mini” vacation… enjoying music, hobbies or socializing.

~  Learn to fix things as much as possible by one’s self.

~  Encourage the rapair service to call ahead of time so that you can get a head’s up meet time.

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