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WARNING: Your Credit Card Can Be Stolen Without Being Touched

From Inside Edition TV: An RFID Reader Can Steal Your Credit Card Information Without Your Knowledge

Your credit card information can be stolen right through your pocket or purse by anyone holding a radio-receiving RFID reader. To view video at Inside Edition, click image below.

Electronic Pickpocket - RFID Reader - Click To Visit Inside Edition Website

With a special device that looks like a notebook, a pickpocket can simply steal your credit card information without your knowledge by simply holding it near your pocket or purse.

What You Can Do
Check your credit cards to see if they have a little “transmission” symbol that indicates your card contains a readable RFID chip. If so, you can ask for a replacement card that doesn’t have that feature.

Be aware of anyone standing close holding a device that looks like a small laptop computer near your pockets or purse. The device must be held fairly close to your credit cards in order to grab the information.

You can get a credit card sleeve that blocks RFID transmissions.

Good To Know
You are not responsible for fraudulent charges. Contact your credit card company and they will reverse the charges and send you a new credit card.


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